Aims of 50th Anniversary Race Meeting

Aims of 50th Anniversary Race Meeting

Our current WASCC racing facility held its first official race meeting on March 2nd 1969. It was the culmination of 2 years of planning and work by the then Wanneroo Council, WASCC sponsors and – most importantly – WASCC volunteers who provided thousands of hours of volunteer labour. Incredibly, the WASCC held the last race meeting at the Caversham circuit in Middle Swan in October 1968 and opened the new facility just 4 months later.

It’s also worth noting that the new circuit was built with a lot of help from the State Government of the time, but no government funding.

Truly it was a bold vision – combined with sheer determination – that secured the future of circuit racing in WA back then. A vision that continues to serve our sport well to this day.

Fifty years on, it’s time to celebrate a venue that the WASCC has operated continuously every year since then, during which many other Australian motor racing venues that operated in 1969 have sadly either vanished completely or been closed for extended periods.

In those 50 years the sport has changed enormously, cars have become much faster and safety standards more stringent. It is a testament to both the integrity of the WASCC’s original plan and prudent venue management that car racing continues to thrive at Barbagallo Raceway today.

Aims of 50th Anniversary Race Meeting
1. Celebrate this important date with a 2 day race meeting featuring all current disciplines and acknowledging the rich motor racing history of the WASCC and the Raceway.
2. Use the meeting to kick start the 2019 season.
3. Involve the City of Wanneroo in celebrating our joint heritage.
4. Use the occasion to substantially raise the venue’s public profile – especially to our nearest neighbours – the ratepayers of the CoW.

Event Date
Preferably March 2nd /3rd – dependent on Track Resurfacing program 2018/19. The date of first public race meeting was 2/3/69. Also Monday March 4th is a public holiday which should facilitate as many members as possible attending an informal celebration on the Sunday after racing has concluded.

Competition Events Format
Each category will have qualifying and 2 races Saturday with 2 further events on Sunday. Plans also include Time Challenge (Regularity) and Drift activity as well.

Off Track Activity
This will include a display of surviving cars that raced in the opening years at Wanneroo, a heritage photographic display in McCrackan House, displays of the type of classic road cars our members drove at the time such as Monaros/Alfas/MGs/Cooper S etc.

As well its planned to invite as many of those who competed at that first meeting as possible.

Planning is well underway, so reserve that weekend now!

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