Who Paid for Barbagallo/Wanneroo Raceway?

Who Paid for Barbagallo/Wanneroo Raceway?

As we look to a bright future for our Club and Raceway, many current Members and Raceway users may not be aware that the Raceway was built and paid for with Club funds and in many cases volunteer Club labour. So here is a short outline of how it all came about.

1966 WASCC is advised that existing lease on Club’s existing facility at Caversham will not be renewed by Dept of Defence.

Mid 1968 current site designated by Wanneroo Council/WA State Govt for use as Motor Racing venue.

Late 1968 site clearing completed by Club Member Bernie Zampatti’s business detail work commenced by WASCC volunteers, who largely built the circuit. Caversham circuit closes.

January 1969 Asphalt laid by Readymix Asphalt

March 1969 First public race meeting – circuit serviceable but facilities not finished. Pit/Paddock area located top of hill on infield adjacent turn 5

 All this was paid for by the WASCC and the Club’s loyal sponsors. As funds ran low close to the designated opening day, repayable debentures were issued to club members and supporters to finance last minute works. The Club had a bank loan kindly guaranteed by the Wanneroo Council – fully repaid. The WASCC also had tremendous support of the Wanneroo Council with loan of machinery, advice etc at this time.

1969 – 1974 Facility completed by expenditure of thousands of $ and thousands of volunteer hours by WASCC members. Eg spectator areas built, extra toilet blocks built, infield/outfield converted from rock strewn desert to relatively manicured area etc

1974 Start/finish line moved to current location, infield tower built with sponsors funds.

1979 Pit/Paddock area moved to current position west of current startline. All works paid for by the WASCC and Club sponsors, most labour supplied by WASCC volunteers over a period of 4 months. 

1979 – 1985 many more improvements carried out including much larger spectator banks, reticulation, expansion of Race Control & Media, asphalting of Paddock roads etc. All works paid for by the WASCC and Club sponsors, much labour supplied by WASCC volunteers. 

1985 – 1987 Circuit resurfaced for the first time – done in several tranches, first pit garages built, paid for by the WASCC and WASCC members.

1991 Short 1.7km track built and track lighting installed – paid for by Sponsor Spices Catering & WASCC

1991 – 2004 Mainly safety improvements such as flush kerbs, trackside barriers, protection for officials etc + another 60 or so pit garages built all paid for by the WASCC.

2005 Second track resurface done in one tranche 1/3 of cost by WA State Govt grant, 2/3 by WASCC.

2006 – 2010 Further safety improvements including spectator debris fences, CCTV system and Jack’s Hill Hillclimb Course all paid for by the WASCC.

2011 Current infield pit area & race control/admin building constructed with State Govt funding to which the WASCC contributed over $2.5m cash & kind.

2012 -2016 30 new garages, 400m of new trackside wall, new kerbing etc paid for by the WASCC.

2017 earthworks completed at Turn 6 to extend run off area and new perimeter wall and tyre barrier installed funded by WASCC.

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